When do the 2018 winter olympics. Olympics | Olympic Games, Medals, News | IOC

When do the 2018 winter olympics. What to Know About Every Single Winter Olympic Sport in 2018

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When Do The Winter Olympics Start? It's Time To Get Pumped

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If you've had a glimpse of any news broadcast lately, you've probably been tipped off by now about the start of the Winter Olympics. The games will kick off on Friday, Feb. As for when the Winter Olympics will end , well, that question can be answered the same way it always has. The closing ceremony for each iteration of the Olympic games, both the summer and winter editions, occurs 16 days after the opening ceremony. Similar to the date of each closing ceremony for Olympic games, the course of the actual ceremony is determined by tradition as well. On that Sunday, the 35,capacity Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium will host the parade of nations, which marks the beginning and end of each period of Olympic competition. The Olympic flame will be extinguished and the Olympic flag will be lowered and removed, before being handed to a representative of Beijing, China, the host city for the next Winter Olympic games.