Matthew mcconaughey sex scene. Matthew McConaughey films scenes with topless models | Daily Mail Online

Matthew mcconaughey sex scene. Matthew McConaughey films scenes with topless models

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Contrary to how effortless, natural, and erotic they seem on-screen, Hollywood sex scenes take a great deal of thoughtfulness, hard work, and preparation to create. Like any aspect of film or television, there are countless crew members — from those working on casting to camera work to editing — whose combined efforts create the movie magic we see in the final product. Because the subject matter of love scenes is so personal, those involved have a variety of secret tricks and techniques up their sleeves to make scenes convincing for audiences and as comfortable as possible for actors. If you're seeing a naked actor on screen, it's important to know that legal contracts that outlined the details of the nudity were signed prior to the actor accepting the role. SAG-AFTRA, the entertainment industry labor union, designates a nudity rider as a requirement in contracts for roles that require "nudity, partial nudity or simulated sex acts. This document is negotiated by the actor, their representatives, and the production team. Within the rider are detailed descriptions of what the actor is willing to do on screen.