Chupacabra real pics. Driver found a dead chupacabra in Oklahoma with photos to prove it | Daily Mail Online

Chupacabra real pics. Driver found a dead chupacabra in Oklahoma with photos to prove it

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A trail of bodies, seemingly left behind by the vampire-like chupacabra, enabled one man to solve the mystery. The problem is, monsters always insist on living in faraway lands, at the bottom of lakes, or in the depths of forests. While this adds to their mystique, it is little wonder that our knowledge of them comes exclusively from grainy photos and unreliable witness reports. This is what first drew Benjamin Radford to the chupacabra , a supposedly vampire-like creature. Its roots are in Latin America, but stories about it have since spread to the rest of the world, including his native New Mexico. That meant Radford had a good chance of figuring out whether or not it was real.