American food pics. List of American foods - Wikipedia

American food pics. List of American foods

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USA fast food is very heavily meat based with beef and chicken being the preferred meats. The great herds of beef raised on the great American plains led to the invention of the Hamburger in the USA. The Hamburger, or burger, originated on the German Hamburg-Amerika line boats, which brought emigrants to America in the s and became an instant hit. A ground beef pate was simply cooked over hot coals or in a griddle and served as a sandwich between bread. Today the Hamburger is a multi billion dollar business being served up across the world 24 hours a day. Americans developed barbecue sauces to go with their meat dishes. Some, like spare ribs, would have been influenced by the immigrant coolly cooks that cooked for work gangs or in frontier mining towns, Ever inventive and in search of delicious finger foods other fast foods such as deep fried chicken were developed.