Is gymnastics part of the winter olympics. Olympic Gymnastics

Is gymnastics part of the winter olympics. Ukraine at the Olympics

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List of Winter Olympic Sports

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The Summer Olympics included 28 sports, with five additional sports due to be added to the Summer Olympics program; the Winter Olympics included seven sports. Each Olympic sport is represented by an international governing body , namely an International Federation IF. Examples include swimming and water polo , which are in fact disciplines of the sport of aquatics represented by the International Swimming Federation , [3] and figure skating and speed skating , which are both disciplines of the sport of ice skating represented by the International Skating Union. Previous Olympic Games included sports that are no longer included in the current program, such as polo and tug of war. Baseball was discontinued after the Olympics in Beijing , only to be revived again for the forthcoming Olympics in Tokyo, which will see the introduction of new disciplines within a number of existing Summer Olympics sports as well as several new sports, such as karate and skateboarding , making their Olympic debuts. The term "sport" in Olympic terminology refers to all events sanctioned by an international sport federation , a definition that may differ from the common meaning of the word "sport". One sport, by Olympic definition, may comprise several disciplines, which would often be regarded as separate sports in common usage.