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42 Best Wedding Wedges You Can Buy Now

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Dream wedding dresses must always be accompanied by a pair of dream wedding shoes. Comfortable in any setting, wedge wedding shoes are a safe bet to comfortably last you the entire day and into the night, whether you are on grassy terrain for your garden wedding or a repurposed barn out in the country. The best wedges are made so that the platform creates equal weight distribution from the balls of your feet to your toes. The even distribution of weight in your wedding wedges will keep your ankles safer than high heels, and eliminate pressure points in your feet, making for an extremely comfortable wear. The Knot has prepared the best shopping guide for you if you choose to forgo the stilettos but still want to retain some posh femininity with a bit of a heel. We have a fun round-up of wedding wedges in all the bridal colors you can buy right now.